Android smartphone benchmark comparison

One of the great things about Android is the many benchmarking tools available to put a device through its paces.

One of the worst things about Android is the importance benchmarks and specifications are given in comparisons.

Benchmarks do give an indication of the kind of performance you should expect from a smartphone, but can’t measure the quality of a camera or usability of basic features such as the dialler or messaging software.

That said, it’s still fun to see how your smartphone competes against others.

The table below shows the AnTuTu benchmarks of the various Android devices we had the opportunity to review in the recent past.

Android smartphone AnTuTu benchmarks
Smartphone (Android version) AnTuTu average
Samsung Galaxy Note (2.3.5) 6394.2
Motorola Razr (2.3) 6035.4
Samsung Galaxy S2 (2.3.3) 5334.333333
Samsung Galaxy Nexus (4.0.2) 5299
LG Optimus 3D (2.2) 4870
HTC Evo 3D (2.3.4) 4839.4
Motorola Atrix (2.2) 4700
HTC Sensation (2.3) 4435.6
Nexus S (2.3.4) 2956.8
Nexus S (4.0.3) 2849.2
LG Optimus Black (2.2) 2585

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Android smartphone benchmark comparison