Ultimate South African TV price shootout — With a clear winner and loser

If you are looking for the best deal on a TV in South Africa, you might be better off shopping at a traditional brick-and-mortar retailer than using one of South Africa’s top online stores.

MyBroadband compared the prices of 4K TVs from Takealot, Everyshop, Makro, Game, and Kloppers to see how the stores’ offers stacked up.

We used the most affordable mainstream models from Hisense, LG, and Samsung, with sizes ranging from 43 inches to 75 inches and prices starting at R5,999 and going up to R23,999.

The models used for each brand were as follows:

  • Hisense — A6G/A6GS
  • LG — UP7500/UP7550
  • Samsung — AU7000

Our analysis revealed that JD Group’s online store Everyshop was the most expensive option for all the TVs except the 65-inch Hisense model, where it was the cheapest.

But even here, its price was matched by two other retailers.

Kloppers was the most affordable store on average, although it did not always have the cheapest deals across all models.

It had the best prices for at least one of the brands’ models in each size category and was never the most expensive.

Below are the cheapest and most expensive retailers based on an average price calculated across all categories.

TV retailers — From cheapest to most expensive
Retailers Average TV price
Kloppers R11,599
Makro R11,619
Takealot R11,638
Game R11,749
Everyshop R13,066

If you have your heart set on a Samsung model in particular, however, Makro is where you will find the best offers.

The retailer consistently undercut its rivals’ pricing on models from the world’s leading TV manufacturer, except in the 75-inch category, where Kloppers matched its R18,999 price tag.

South Africa’s biggest online store, Takealot, was the third-most affordable on average, just edging out Game.

Importantly, however, Game offers a Price Beat Promise.

That means if customers purchased any item from Game and, within 21 days, find the identical product at a competitor for less, they can bring the competitor’s leaflet or provide a screenshot of the online listing and it will match the price and refund them 10% on the difference. 

The table below shows the specific prices of each model from every retailer and the average cost of each size category across the three brands.

South African TV prices compared
Retailer Hisense A6G/A6GS LG UP7500 Samsung AU7000 Average
Takealot R5,999 R7,499 R7,498 R6,999
Makro R6,999 R7,499 R6,799 R7,099
Game R5,999 R8,499 R7,249
Everyshop R7,199 R8,299 R8,499 R7,999
Kloppers R5,999 R7,499 R6,999 R6,832
Takealot R7,894 R8,488 R8,499 R8,294
Makro R7,999 R8,499 R7,999 R8,166
Game R6,999 R8,999 R9,499 R8,499
Everyshop R8,999 R8,999 R9,499 R9,166
Kloppers R7,499 R8,499 R7,999 R7,999
Takealot R8,599 R10,299 R9,999 R9,632
Makro R8,999 R10,999 R9,499 R9,832
Game R7,999 R9,999 R10,999 R9,666
Everyshop R9,999 R10,999 R10,999 R10,666
Kloppers R8,499 R9,999 R9,999 R9,499
Takealot R11,799 R14,999 R15,999 R14,266
Makro R12,999 R14,999 R12,999 R13,666
Game R10,999 R14,999 R16,999 R14,332
Everyshop R10,999 R16,499 R16,999 R14,832
Kloppers R10,999 R14,499 R13,999 R13,166
Takealot R16,999 R19,999 R19,999 R18,999
Makro R16,999 R21,999 R18,999 R19,332
Game R15,999 R18,999 R21,999 R18,999
Everyshop R19,999 R23,999 R23,999 R22,666
Kloppers R21,999 R18,999 R20,499

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Ultimate South African TV price shootout — With a clear winner and loser