Quest Pro VR headset leaks after being forgotten in hotel room — Report

A video posted online claims to show Meta’s upcoming new virtual reality (VR) headset — the Quest Pro — which was supposedly found left behind in a hotel room by one Ramiro Cardenas.

The 1-minute clip, posted to Meta’s own social media platform Facebook, shows what appears to be several boxes of engineering samples of the new headset and various marketing materials.

In the video, Cardenas provides a thorough look at the headset and its two controllers, showing they resemble the Project Cambria designs that Meta has been teasing since last year.

The headset and controllers are black and feature new designs, with the former appearing to pack three cameras on its front, while the controllers no longer have the hollowed-out loop of their predecessors.

The packaging also had the Meta Quest Pro label and a notice stating, “Not for resale — engineering sample”.

Cardenas told The Verge the person who had been staying in the room had since come back to claim the engineering samples.

The video was shared on Twitter by reputed cybersecurity analyst Kevin Beaumont, but some commentators were sceptical about the supposed leak, suggesting the products shown could be knock-off headsets.

But if they are indeed real engineering samples, Cardenas would not be the first person to stumble upon a highly-anticipated unreleased tech gadget left behind in some public space by negligent employees.

Earlier this year, a Reddit user posted images of what is believed to be a prototype of Google’s upcoming Pixel smartwatch that he found at a bar.

In 2010, a 27-year-old Apple software engineer field testing an iPhone 4 before its launch also left it lying on a bar stool, where it was discovered by another patron and later opened up by tech website Gizmodo.

Meta’s Quest Pro headset is expected to launch at the company’s Connect 2022 event next month.

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Quest Pro VR headset leaks after being forgotten in hotel room — Report