Impressive gadgets of 2023 — including wireless TVs and an exoskeleton

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is once again taking place in Las Vegas in 2023 and promises to display a wide range of impressive technologies.

The event runs from Thursday, 5 January to Sunday, 8 January 2023, and MyBroadband looked for some of the most interesting gadgets and technologies at the show.

There are over 3,200 exhibitors set to show their wares at CES 2023, with companies and startups from more than 173 countries, territories, and regions.

Interesting gadgets to be shown off at the event include wireless TVs, a toothbrush that can get the job done in ten seconds, and a new electric vehicle brand.

Below are five of the coolest gadgets shown off at CES 2023.

German Bionic Apogee

German Bionic’s Apogee is an exoskeleton designed to protect workers’ backs and provide a boost of power when lifting heavy objects.

The exoskeleton features “active dual-support”, which German Bionic said provides support for two actions — lifting and walking. The Apogee also helps the wearer by offering up to 30kg of lifting compensation.

German Bionic showed off its Cray X exoskeleton at CES last year, and this year the company debuted the Apogee, which it says is lighter and easier to wear.

In addition to protecting the wearer, exoskeletons like German Bionic’s Apogee also provide employers with insights they can use to increase safety in the workplace.

Wireless TVs — including a 97-inch LG

Two companies — LG and Displace TV — unveiled wireless TVs at CES 2023, with both intending to provide an immersive viewing experience without the need for power or input cables.

Displace TV is essentially a 55-inch OLED display designed to be stuck to walls or windows using suction cups.

Power is supplied by inserting hot-swappable batteries that promise to provide hours of viewing time.

LG unveiled its 97-inch OLED TV last year. However, at CES 2023, the manufacturer revealed that the enormous TV is going wireless.

The TV features a separate base station with various inputs that can be placed across the room from it and wirelessly transmits the image to the TV.

LG says the base station can be placed up to nine metres from the TV.

World’s fastest toothbrush

A daily and often time-consuming process everyone must go through is brushing their teeth. However, Y-Brush has developed a toothbrush that can thoroughly clean in ten seconds.

Y-Brush’s NylonBlack models use soft nylon filaments and sonic vibration to clean the users’ teeth.

The automatic toothbrush somewhat resembles a mouthguard lined with these nylon filaments and offers four sonic vibration modes — soft (15 seconds), normal (10 seconds), intensive (5 seconds), and unlimited.

Y-Brush says its NylonBlack toothbrushes have a battery life of up to three months, and it is available in a size for children and a size for people aged 12 and older.

Replacement brush heads are somewhat costly at €34.99 (R628). However, Y-Brush is currently offering a promotion allowing buyers to purchase replacement heads for €27.99 (R503).

HARMAN Ready Vision and Ready Care

Samsung-owned HARMAN launched two innovations promising improved driving safety — Ready Vision and Ready Care.

Ready Vision uses augmented reality, software, and sensors to project images directly onto a car’s windscreen, including driving directions.

Senior vice president of product management at HARMAN International Armin Prommersberger explained that Ready Vision aims to enhance the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

“Ready Vision solves key industry challenges around driver safety by helping drivers better understand their surroundings and enabling an eyes-forward, focused journey,” he said.

On the other hand, Ready Care doesn’t use augmented reality technology. Instead, it combines neuroscience and machine learning to detect if a driver is distracted and provide a cue to help them focus.

To achieve this, Ready Vision uses cameras to detect a driver’s drowsiness, and sensors and monitors to detect the driver’s cognitive state.

It also uses machine learning algorithms to provide personalised intervention strategies.

Sony and Honda’s Afeela

Sony unveiled its long-awaited electric car brand prototype — the Afeela — at CES 2023. The tech giant teamed up with Honda to develop the new electric vehicle.

Sony previously showed off a prototype electric vehicle in 2020, but this time it is different as, unlike the earlier prototype, the Afeela will be made commercially available.

“We plan on exploring the possibility of how media can create a fun and exciting mobility interaction,” Sony CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, said.

The Afeela promises several interesting features, such as integrating external media on the car that allows it to interact with other road users and share necessary information, and 45 cameras and sensors inside and outside to ensure safety and security.

Sony and Honda will also integrate Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and a 3D computer graphics game engine into their vehicles.

Sony hasn’t indicated pricing yet but said the Afeela will be available in North America in 2026. Japan and Europe will follow.

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Impressive gadgets of 2023 — including wireless TVs and an exoskeleton