BlackBerry vs Nokia vs Samsung in SA

A survey conducted in April 2012 by ikapadata, a research company based in Cape Town, revealed that Nokia is the most popular cellphone brands among residents of townships in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

The survey had 1,008 participants across various Living Standards Measure (LSM) and age groups.

The survey found that 46% of surveyed township residents use their cellphones for browsing the internet, 43% for accessing Facebook and 32% for accessing MXit.

Among better-off township residents (LSM 8–10, n=194), ikapadata said 75% claim to use Facebook on their cellphones, while 54% in the same LSM groups say they use MXit.

“The popularity of mobile internet services among the surveyed population can be partly ascribed to the increasing prevalence of smartphones in townships,” ikapadata said.

According to ikapadata, 53% of respondents have a Nokia phone as their primary device, Samsung is in second place with 19% and Blackberry is in the third spot with 11%.

“At the same time 91% of Blackberry owners claim to browse the internet compared to 41% of owners of other brands’ cell- phones,” ikapadata said.

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BlackBerry vs Nokia vs Samsung in SA