Best TVs announced at CES 2024

The 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicked off on Tuesday night, and exhibitors have already shown off several impressive new TVs.

Many of the world’s biggest electronics manufacturers use the event in Las Vegas, which runs until Friday, 12 January this year, to showcase their latest cutting-edge TV technologies and products.

This year’s event will see more than 4,000 exhibitors show off their new products across a broad range of categories.

Some of the most impressive TVs showcased at CES 2024 include LG’s transparent Signature OLED T, Samsung’s transparent microLED display, and TCL’s massive 115-inch mini-LED TV.

Hisense also showed off a big-screen TV capable of reaching 10,000 nits at peak brightness.

Last year’s CES event saw some impressive TV tech. However, those showcased in 2024 are even bigger and more advanced.

Below are some of the best and most noteworthy TVs shown off at CES 2024.

LG Signature OLED T

LG’s transparent TV — dubbed the Signature OLED T — can transform from a decorative transparent display, showing fish swimming, various animations, or the weather outside, to a regular TV with the press of a button.

When the button is pressed, a black screen rises behind the display, blocking out light from the back and producing a picture much closer to that of a regular TV.

LG didn’t reveal pricing at CES 2024, but the 77-inch OLED TV is expected to start shipping this summer in the US (between the start of June and the end of August 2024).

Samsung’s Transparent microLED TV

Samsung unveiled the first transparent version of its microLED display technology at CES 2024 on Tuesday, 9 January.

Although the tech isn’t a TV yet, Samsung said its microLED tech outperforms other display technologies, producing brighter and more vivid images.

It is also more transparent than the tech showcased by its competitors, the company said. Pricing wasn’t announced at the event.

TCL 115-inch mini-LED TV

TCL describes its 115-inch 115QM891G QD-mini LED TV as the largest in the world using the technology.

The TV offers impressive performance, with TCL saying the backlit mini-LED display produces 5,000 nits of peak brightness and has 20,000 local dimming zones. It was also the biggest mass-market TV revealed at CES 2024.

The big-screen TV is expected to cost around $20,000 (R374,000 excl. VAT and duties) when it launches later this year.

Hisense 110-inch mini-LED TV

While five inches smaller than TCL’s largest TV, Hisense claims its 110UX mini-LED TV offers double the brightness at up to 10,000 nits. It also features 40,000 local dimming zones.

Hisense claims a wide colour gamut at 95% of BT.2020. The company also unveiled a 98-inch model, which features half the brightness and a quarter of the dimming zones.

Hisense has yet to announce pricing for the bright, big-screen mini-LED TV.

LG M4-series Wireless OLED TV

LG unveiled the latest version of its wireless OLED TVs — the M4-series — improving on the brightness and picture quality provided by its M3-series predecessor.

The company has attempted to make its wireless TVs more accessible, with the M4-series set to come in 97-, 83-, 77-, and 65-inch sizes.

The M4 uses the LG’s brightest OLED TV panel, powered by the company’s MLA (microlens array) technology. It is the same panel featured in the LG G3, which is renowned for its picture quality.

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Best TVs announced at CES 2024