South Africa’s favourite TV brand

Samsung is the most popular brand in South Africa among early adopters and IT professionals for TVs and large appliances, Ecoflow is the most popular portable power station brand, and Duracell is their favourite battery.

This is according to a recent Analytico survey, which received over 2,500 responses from information technology industry professionals around South Africa.

Samsung dominated in TVs and large appliances, with 51% and 19% of the vote, respectively.

Fellow South Korean chaebol LG is second in TVs with 18% of the vote but lost to Bosch and Defy in large appliances.

EcoFlow (32%) is the leading portable power brand among IT professionals and executives, followed by Gizzu (20%).

Duracell obtained a narrow majority of votes for favourite battery brand but was closely followed by Energizer with 40%.

Philips emerged as the top lightbulb brand, with Osram and Eurolux hot in its heels.

The survey results are summarised below.


Samsung is the clear favourite for TV brands in South Africa, claiming just over half of the votes.

LG and Hisense followed with 18% and 14%, respectively, which makes both brands very popular.

Large Appliances

When it comes to large appliances like dishwashers or fridges, Samsung once again claims the top spot, with nearly a third of the market choosing it as their preferred brand.

Bosch, Defy and LG all got more than 10% of the votes each.

Portable Power

With the South African load-shedding crisis, backup power has become a necessity.

A portable power station is a great alternative to a generator or full-house inverter setup.

These battery packs come in various sizes and usually have an inverter built in, which means they can power nearly anything in your house  (except large appliances) when the power is out.

Ecoflow is the most preferred brand in South Africa, with Gizzu not far behind.

Romoss, Magneto, Ellies and Anker are all in close competition in the middle of the field, with a few lesser-known brands also making appearances.


While they won’t power your house through load-shedding, regular AA and AAA batteries are still used in thousands of products every day.

Many new products are replacing them with lithium cells, but older Alkaline or even Zinc batteries still make sense in older devices.

Duracell is the favourite battery brand in South Africa, followed closely by Energizer.

Eveready is far behind, likely due to their focus on older Zinc cells compared to the Alkaline alternatives from the more popular brands.


Lightbulbs are something that is in use in every household with electricity and make up a very big market.

Modern LED bulbs can last for tens of thousands of hours, but they may still need replacing every so often due to power surges or simply overheating in small enclosures.

South African consumers prefer Phillips when buying lightbulbs, but Osram and Eurolux are also very popular.

Smaller brands such as Magneto, Lightworx, Lumaglo and Gizzu are making an impact in the market, especially when it comes to rechargeable bulbs that can be used during loadshedding.

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South Africa’s favourite TV brand