Takealot vs Amazon — tech price showdown

Buying tech products from Amazon in the US that ship directly to South Africa is often cheaper than ordering an identical product from Takealot. However, this depends on the item in question.

MyBroadband compared the price of ordering ten tech products, including wireless earbuds, PC components, smartphones, and gaming consoles, from Amazon to what it costs to buy them from Takealot.

Our analysis found that Amazon was cheaper for six of the ten items compared, but this comes at the cost of slower delivery times.

While we have only included tech products that ship directly, it is still possible to order products that don’t ship directly to South Africa.

Several shipping companies, such as MyUS, offer a service that uses an address in a foreign country to which Amazon will deliver.

The company will then forward the item to the address of your choice in South Africa.

MyUS’s services are based on order weight, starting at $33 (R624) for items that weigh up to 1kg.

Takealot versus Amazon tech price showdown

Takealot was cheaper for four of the items compared. While it charges R999 for the second-generation Xiaomi 4K TV Box S, it would cost R1,695 to have it shipped directly to South Africa from Amazon in the US.

As one might expect, the South African e-commerce giant offers far faster delivery times than Amazon. The Xiaomi TV Box qualifies for Takealot’s free next-day delivery, while it would take 18 days to arrive from the US.

Takealot was also cheaper for the Garmin Vivoactive 5 smartwatch in blue, LG’s 34-inch Ultragear QHD Curved gaming monitor, and Samsung’s 512GB Galaxy Z Fold5 smartphone.

It charges R5,999, R23,999, and R37,899 for these products, respectively. On the other hand, the same products from Amazon will cost you R8,328, R26,405, and R49,418, respectively.

Curiously, Takealot’s delivery time for the gaming monitor is longer than Amazon’s estimate by one day. However, ordering the other products through Takealot will see them arrive at your door sooner.

Amazon’s price with shipping was lower for the Xbox Electric Volt controller, Skullcandy Rail active noise cancelling (ANC) earbuds, Meta Quest 2 128GB, Nintendo Switch OLED, and various PC components.

The Xbox controller will cost you R1,699 from Takealot, compared to R1623 from Amazon, and the Skullcandy earbuds will cost nearly R1,000 more to buy from Takealot.

Amazon sells the Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headset with 128GB of storage for R6,392, while the same headset is available for R11,499 on Takealot’s website.

South Africans looking for a Nintendo Switch OLED handheld console can expect to pay R9,145 through the Naspers-owned e-commerce store and R8,780 on Amazon’s website.

PC components such as processors and graphics cards appear substantially cheaper to order from Amazon.

For example, Intel’s Core i5-14600K CPU costs R8,800 at Takealot, compared to R7,403 at Amazon.

Similarly, South Africans can save almost R1,400 by ordering the Asus Tuf GeForce RTX 4060Ti OC Edition graphics card from Amazon over Takealot, provided they are happy to wait much longer for delivery.

The pricing of ten tech items available from Takealot and Amazon are compared in the table below.

Tech price comparison: Amazon vs Takealot
Product Takealot price Takealot delivery time Amazon price Amazon delivery time
Xiaomi 4K TV Box S (2nd generation) R999.00 1 day R1,694.97 18 days
Xbox Series Wireless Controller (Electric Volt) R1,699.00 1 day R1,622.73 18 days
Skullcandy Rail ANC R2,799.00 1 day R1,839.65 19 days
Garmin Vivoactive 5 (Blue) R5,999.00 1 day R8,327.87 20 days
Intel Core i5-14600K R8,800.00 12 days R7,403.02 18 days
Nintendo Switch OLED R9,145.00 1 day R8,779.67 15 to 26 days
Meta Quest 2 128GB R11,499.00 1 day R6,392.41 18 days
Asus Tuf GeForce RTX 4060 Ti OC Edition R11,899.00 1 day R10,499.53 20 days
LG 34-inch Ultragear QHD Curved gaming monitor R23,999.00 11 days R26,404.67 10 days
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 512GB (Icy Blue) R37,899.00 11 days R49,417.85 19 days

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Takealot vs Amazon — tech price showdown