Cheapest big-screen TVs you can buy in South Africa — prices from R7,599

South African residents can get a big-screen 4K smart TV from R7,599, a MyBroadband comparison has revealed.

As technology has advanced, the price of high-resolution TVs has come down significantly, resulting in the entry price point for big-screen 4K TVs falling considerably.

For reference, LG launched its first 4K TV in 2012. It had a massive 84-inch panel and was priced at $20,000 (then R164,230).

There are now several even larger 4K TVs available for substantially less. However, such large displays aren’t suited for every household, and many would be perfectly happy with a 65-inch to 75-inch TV.

MyBroadband looked for the cheapest 65-inch and above 4K TVs available in South Africa.

While our search did extend beyond 75-inch options, these were disproportionately expensive compared to models 65 to 75 inches in size.

The cheapest 65-inch 4K TV we found comes from a lesser-known brand: Condere. Condere’s 65-inch frameless 4K Android TV is available for R7,599 from Takealot.

For R200 more, South Africans can get a 65-inch 4K TV from another uncommon brand: iStar. Takealot sells iStar’s 65-inch 4K Android TV for R7,799.

However, while many South Africans might be wary of going for a brand they don’t know much about, several affordable big-screen TVs are available from more established brands like Hisense, TCL, Toshiba, Skyworth, LG, and Samsung.

Takealot sells two 65-inch Toshiba models for R7,999 — the manufacturer’s 65-inch C350MN-series TV and its 65-inch M550LN-series model.

While similar in size and resolution, they offer slightly different specifications. The former features Quantum Dot colour technology and Toshiba’s Regza 4K Engine.

The latter offers AI 4K upscaling and features Toshiba’s Regza Engine ZR and Regza Power Audio.

The most affordable 70-inch TVs we found come from Skyworth and Hisense. Takealot sells the Hisense A6K-series 70-inch 4K Smart TV and Skyworth SUE9350F-series 70-inch 4K Smart TV for R9,999 each.

South African residents can also buy Samsung’s CU7000-series 70-inch 4K Smart TV for R12,999 from Game or LG’s UR8000-series 70-inch 4K Smart TV for R13,995 from The Digital Experience.

The cheapest 75-inch 4K TV we found is Toshiba’s C350MN-series 75-inch 4K Smart TV at R10,999 from Takealot. Being a C350MN-series model, it features similar specs to the 65-inch version mentioned above.

Below are fifteen of the cheapest big-screen TVs you can buy in South Africa. They are priced from most affordable to most expensive, regardless of size.

Condere 65-inch Frameless 4K Android TV (65V20) – R7,599 (Takealot)

iStar 65-inch 4K Android TV (G65W01) – R7,799 (Takealot)

Toshiba 65-inch 4K Smart TV (C350MN) – R7,999 (Takealot)

Toshiba 65-inch 4K Smart TV (M550LN) – R7,999 (Takealot)

Skyworth 65-inch 4K Android TV (SUE9350F) – R8,899 (Takealot)

Hisense 65-inch UHD Smart TV (A6G) – R8,999 (Takealot)

TCL 65-inch 4K Android TV (P635) – R9,499 (Takealot)

Hisense 70-inch 4K Smart TV (A6K) – R9,999 (Takealot)

Skyworth 70-inch 4K Smart TV (SUE9350F) – R9,999 (Takealot)

Toshiba 75-inch 4K Smart TV (C350MN) – R10,999 (Takealot)

TCL 75-inch 4K Android TV (P635) – R11,999 (Takealot)

Hisense 70-inch 4K Smart TV (A6H) – R11,999 (Takealot)

Samsung 70-inch 4K Smart TV (CU7000) – R12,999 (Game)

LG 70-inch 4K Smart TV (UR8000) – R13,995 (The Digital Experience)

Skyworth 75-inch 4K Android TV (SUD9350F) – R13,999 (Game)

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Cheapest big-screen TVs you can buy in South Africa — prices from R7,599