Great gadgets to look forward to

With 2012 already having seen a range of new TVs, smartphones, and PCs, there are still a lot of gadgets to look forward to.

The arrival of Windows 8, a new iPhone, Nintendo’s new console, a new Amazon tablet PC, and LGs new monitors, will round-off 2012’s tech offerings.

The following gadgets have received significant hype or kick-started rumour mills. Here are some of the biggest gadgets which are likely to hit South African shores before the end of this year.

Kinect on Windows 8

Kinect applications on Windows 7 already exist, but Microsoft’s next operating system will cater for its motion controlled camera more than ever.

Windows 8’s new layout provides a widget-like interface which will benefit Kinect integration. Windows 8 releases on 26 October.

Windows 8 with Kinect

Nintendo Wii U

The follow-up to Nintendo’s colossal-selling little white console is set to hit our shores before the end of the year. The Wii U will continue the innovative nature of its progenitor by introducing a bunch of new ideas, such as a tablet-like controller, and portability away from the main console.

MyGaming got hands-on with the anticipated device:

The overall impression from getting time with the Wii U is that it’s looking incredibly promising. A number of games utilised the controller well, and those on offer did impress visually. While this is just a glimpse of what’s to come, Nintendo’s Wii U is not pulling any punches in terms of ambition.

The Nintendo Wii U is set to launch locally before the end of 2012.

Nintendo Wii U

iPhone 5

Rumours surrounding Apple’s next entry in their iPhone range have been heating up for the last few months, particularly regarding a large 4-inch screen, NFC features, and a Q4 2012 release.

The official name is not known yet, but many sources speculate that Apple won’t deviate from the norm and that the device will be called the “iPhone 5”.

The iPhone 5 is expected to launch in October 2012.

iPhone 5 concept

Kindle Fire 2

The Kindle Fire 2 is set to land in 2012, with reports that Quanta Computer has already been given the order to start producing the new device.

The Kindle Fire 2 is speculated for a late 2012 launch.

An Amazon Kindle Fire 2 announcement is expected.

LG IPS monitors

The new monitors feature LG’s Cinema Screen design, with an extremely thin (as low as 1.2mm thin) bezel around the panel.

A key feature on the new range is the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) connectivity, which allows mobile devices, like smartphones, to be connected for viewing on a large screen.

The SA timeline/availability is still to be confirmed and the RRP will be revealed once the timeline is confirmed.

LG IPS monitor

Microsoft Surface tablet

We will see a Windows 8 tablet PC in 2012. Samsung and HP will be the first to showcase a Windows 8-based tablet PC which will use the ‘Metro’ interface that presently enriches the user experience on Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft’s Surface is scheduled to launch on 26 October, alongside Windows 8.

Microsoft Surface tablet

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Great gadgets to look forward to