Games you can play with family that won’t make you kill each other

The festive season is a time for family, friends, and fighting with friends and family after spending too much time cooped up with them.

This time, while magical, can also be particularly trying if all you have for entertainment is a deck of cards or a friendship-wrecking board game.

There are plenty of board – and card – games out there that don’t involve antagonising your fellow players, though.

And for the sake of your relationships, we have listed them below.

Pricing was obtained from the following online stores:

Takealot had a few great deals on board games that are worth checking out.

Pandemic: 2-4 player cooperative game – R600

Boardgame - Pandemic

Dominion: 2-4 player deck-building living card game – R700 (R469 at Takealot)

Boardgame - Dominion

Ticket to Ride: 2-5 player route building game – R760 (R460 at Takealot)

Boardgame - Tickety to Ride 10th anniversary edition

Dixit: 3-6 player party game – R520 (R269 at Takealot)

Boardgame - Dixit

Exploding Kittens: 2-5 player party card game – R500 per deck (Dark Aura only)

Exploding Kittens

Lords of Waterdeep: 2-5 player D&D-themed worker placement game – R715

Boardgame - Lords of Waterdeep

Navegador (R650) / Concordia (R975): 2-5 player economy management and exploration games

Boardgame - Navegador

Settlers of Catan: the gateway to alternative board gaming for 3-4 players – R600

Boardgame - The Settlers of Catan

Dead of Winter: Walking Dead/zombie-themed cooperative game with a traitor mechanic for 2-5 players – R1,000 (R760 at Takealot)

Boardgame - Dead of Winter

Battlestar Galactica: themed co-operative game with a traitor mechanic for 3-6 players – R850

Boardgame - Battlestar Galactica

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Games you can play with family that won’t make you kill each other