Atari setting up in South Africa for video game TV show

Atari, the brand behind video games such as Pong, is setting up a base for its new game show, Game On, in South Africa.

That’s according to Robert Blagman, who heads up global content distribution for Atari.

“Game On is life-size versions of the games that we played in the 80s,” said Blagman, with big sets where teams will compete against one another.

“The whole idea of game shows based on legendary Atari video games really seems to resonate around the world,” said Blagman.

“What we’re finding as we meet with TV networks, production companies, and media executives… people have a very fond memory of Atari.”

From polling networks, and speaking to production companies around the world, they have found it is easier than you think to fly in audiences and contestants to South Africa than to build sets everywhere.

South Africa as the home base for Atari TV

Blagman said that Atari’s CEO, Frédéric Chesnais, loves South Africa.

“[He loves] working down here and feels this is an incredible area of opportunity.”

Chesnais’ intention is for Atari to do as much as they can in South Africa.

He said Atari has signed a deal with Discovery Science to do a “science version” of their Codebreaker game, and they have agreed to do production in South Africa.

“We’re just working out details and logistics,” said Blagman.

The more Atari can do down here, the better, he said.

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Atari setting up in South Africa for video game TV show