How to play PC games using a PSVR headset

Virtual reality gaming is an expensive hobby for PC owners, with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive boasting impressive specifications and high prices.

PlayStation owners can purchase the cheaper PlayStation VR headset to enjoy a comparable VR gaming experience, albeit at a lower resolution.

However, because the PlayStation VR uses HDMI and USB cables to connect to the PlayStation 4, it was only a matter of time before gamers managed to get it working on PC.

Trinus VR is software which allows you to stream PC games to your smartphone, letting you use it as a wearable VR headset.

The team behind this software has released Trinus PSVR, which lets you connect your PSVR headset to your PC and play SteamVR games.

What you need

You’ll need the following to get PSVR working on your PC:

  • A gaming computer capable of delivering 120FPS at 1080p.
  • PSVR headset.
  • Free HDMI and USB 3.0 ports.
  • Trinus PSVR (Free Trial/€8.99 for licence).

The free trial of Trinus PSVR is useful for determining if your system is capable of running VR, but you will need a licence to use the software to play games.


The hardware setup for using your PSVR on your PC is similar to using the device on your PS4.

The PSVR is powered separately and connects to the PC using a USB 3.0 port and the PS4 HDMI cable.

A second HDMI cable can be used to play the PSVR video feed concurrently on a TV or monitor.

Trinus PSVR has two modes – Mouse Mode and SteamVR Mode.

Mouse mode allows you to play PC games using your PSVR headset, if the game supports side-by-side (SBS) rendering.

If the game does not support SBS, it can be forced on – but there will be no 3D depth effect.

SteamVR mode is the preferred option for serious VR gaming and allows you to experience SteamVR games using the PSVR headset.

To set up SteamVR for Trinus:

  1. Install SteamVR
  2. Install the Trinus SteamVR driver
  3. Start Trinus PSVR
  4. Run SteamVR Room Setup

Motion Controllers and Tracking

There are a number of SteamVR games which you can play with a standard controller, but many of the titles require movement controllers and head tracking.

Trinus PSVR is still in beta and users should expect to encounter issues and the need for troubleshooting along the way.

This is especially true when attempting to integrate motion controllers and head tracking with PSVR.

It is possible to use PlayStation Move controllers with the PSVR on your PC by using PSMoveService along with a PlayStation Camera. Alternatively, gamers can use third-party motion controllers.

The software does have a rudimentary head tracking system using a webcam and the lights on the PSVR, and this feature should be improved with further development of the software.

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How to play PC games using a PSVR headset