Xbox LIVE SA: 50 percent off Gold subscription with purchases

Starting this week, Xbox South Africa is teaming up with local retailers to offer 50 percent off a 12-month Xbox LIVE Gold subscription with any Xbox game or console purchased. The standard price for a 12-month Gold subscription is R50 per month, or R600 per year. A saving of R300 on this offer is quite substantial, and may be enough to convince local gamers to give Xbox LIVE SA another chance.

The retail partners involved in this Xbox LIVE Gold membership special are Incredible Connection, Musica, Look & Listen, CNA, Hi-Fi Corporation, Dion Wired, BT Games and Makro. The deal is only available ‘while stocks last.’

Xbox LIVE Gold allows gamers to participate in online games with other Xbox LIVE users around the globe. Gold membership also provides access to early-release game demos, exclusive discounts on Xbox LIVE Marketplace products, and features such as Facebook and Twitter.

Migrating to Xbox LIVE SA

Many South African gamers already have Xbox LIVE Gold accounts on foreign services, typically Xbox LIVE UK. One of the concerns is that migrating from one region to the other will cause gamers to lose their downloaded Xbox LIVE content. We take a look at the pros and cons.


– No more region blocked content. We will finally be able to download map packs for the likes of Call of Duty and Gears of War.

– No more exclusion from packaged free DLC that sometimes ships in the game box.

– More local gamers on Xbox Live. Previous limitations prevented the majority of gamers from signing up for a LIVE account. Now that it will be easy to sign up and buy subscriptions/MSPoints, we should start seeing the ill-informed masses going online. More gamers mean it will be easier to find local games with lower latencies.

– Microsoft Xbox SA has confirmed that we will be able to migrate our current Xbox LIVE accounts to the South African service. Gamers will be able to keep their game saves, achievements, Gamertags, Gamer Score and friends lists. They will also keep their unspent MS Points and remaining Gold Subscription time, as well as all the downloaded content stored on their hard drives.


– More expensive MS Points. The biggest bone of contention is that once on the SA LIVE service, you will have to pay local prices for MS Points.

– 2100 MS Points will cost R299 on Xbox LIVE SA, which is just slightly above the UK cost; £25 (±R275). Microsoft warns that MS Points bought outside of SA may not work on Xbox LIVE SA.

– Confusion around re-downloading already purchased Xbox LIVE content. If you have purchased content that is currently not installed, you should re-downlaod it before migrating, as Microsoft does not guarantee you will be able to do so after migrating. Essentially, make sure you have all your purchased content saved and backed up before you migrate.

–    Less content available through the Xbox LIVE marketplace. The UK and US regions have a serious advantage in terms of available content. The South African Marketplace lags behind in terms of the sheer number of available gaming titles. However, Microsoft Xbox SA has previously explained that it is a challenging process to get games approved for the local LIVE service, and that they are working hard to get all Games on Demand and Arcade titles loaded as quickly as possible.

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Xbox LIVE SA: 50 percent off Gold subscription with purchases