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Mettlestate – esports in South Africa is about to change forever

Mettlestate is ‘Forging the Future of Pro Gaming’ in South Africa, and will launch to the local gaming community on 1 March 2017.

Conceptualised 15 years ago by Barry “Anthrax” Louzada, Mettlestate has been three years in the making with his Shout Casting Partner Lewis “Vudulew” Williams and the support of many esports enthusiasts

Mettlestate has now finally been made a reality, and is now poised to take its rightful place on the esports stage.

To launch Mettlestate to the gaming community of SA, there will be a grudge match between Bravado and Energy on the 1st March 2017 at 19:30 on the Mettlestate Twitch channel.

“But this is to merely whet the appetite,” says Louzada, one of Mettlestate’s founders.

“Once the stage has been set, the battle been fought and the victor hailed, Mettlestate will finally show a few of the aces we have up our sleeve, the likes of which will forever change the face of esports in South Africa.”

He added that South Africa is desperate for is an esports organisation with the backing of international authorities to align South Africa with global tournament hosting and broadcast standards.

“Mettlestate can proudly boast that we have secured a partnership with the esports giant – This is the first partnership of its kind in SA,” reveals Louzada.

Another partnership that gives Mettlestate the grounds for boasting is Billosoft who will be there to ensure our servers and game play quality remain the best.

For more information, follow Mettlestate on Facebook and Twitter.

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Mettlestate – esports in South Africa is about to change forever