“Big Brother” reality show for PC gamers

A new gaming reality show titled Gamerz has launched across online streaming platforms.

The show first aired on 1 May 2017 and describes itself as “Big Brother for gamers”, focussing on 12 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players who live in a house for a month and compete for a chance at a professional gaming career.

Gamerz kicked off its pilot season in Sweden and hosted a CS: GO competition to select the 12 players who would participate in the show.

The personal dynamics between the players and their competitive gaming skills are put on display for viewers, who can watch on YouTube and Twitch.

The show is quickly gaining popularity and around 1,300 people have already signed up to participate in the next season.

MyBroadband spoke to Gamerz co-founder and executive chairman Karl Mikael Cakste about the show’s popularity and its plans for the future.


The show runs for 21 consecutive days with daily live broadcasts presented by eSports personality Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat.

Each day will see players take on new challenges and face elimination from the Gamerz house, with the opportunity for new gamers to play for a spot in the house.

On the final day, a match will be played between the 10 surviving players, and the winning team of five will become professional gamers.

They will receive pro contracts and earn salaries, playing under the Gamerz brand.

Cakste said that due to the live viewer interaction on platforms like Twitch, the team behind the show has been able to react quickly to feedback and improve the experience for viewers.

The show has already seen various production changes since its launch, and Cakste said their team is considering improvements for the next season of the show.

Interested gamers can sign up for the show on the website.

Gamerz spawn and INS

Regions and South Africa

The launch of the show in Sweden limited participation to Scandinavian gamers, but Cakste said they are eager to expand to more regions.

The Gamerz website lists numerous versions of the show, including a European version, a US version, and an African version.

Cakste is responsible for the funding and roll-out of the Gamerz show, and said the Gamerz team is interested in expanding to multiple regions.

He said the next version of the Gamerz show in set for September, and will include major European countries and the United Kingdom.

Cakste said expanding into places like the US, Asia, and South America will require acquiring and working with local partners, which the show is currently investigating.

Cakste told MyBroadband that the possibility of the reality show launching in South Africa was on their radar, and Gamerz could launch in the country if local companies were available to partner with the show.

Currently, the team is focussing on its roll-out to the European region.

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“Big Brother” reality show for PC gamers