Xbox One X downloads are ridiculously massive

News that graphical enhancements for Quantum Break would take the game’s download size to 102GB for the Xbox One X has proved a harbinger of what is to come for gamers.

The upgraded hardware in the Xbox One X allows for much-improved visuals, but comes with a downside – massive game files sizes.

Quantum Break’s base size is 8GB, with the optional enhancement pack a 94.7GB download. If you want the high resolution TV pack, this is a further 75.6GB.

This puts the title with all the bells and whistles at 178GB in total – of which 160GB must be downloaded.

According to reports, other games with large downloads include:

  • Gears of War 4 – 103GB
  • Halo 5 – 113GB (98GB excluding 4K update)
  • Forza 7 – 95GB
  • Titanfall 2 – 70GB

Hard drive space

The first thought from most South African gamers will be about how the large file sizes will affect their data cap, while the second will be an estimate of how long the games will take to download.

Without fast, uncapped broadband, downloading these patches can take hours and may incur significant data costs.

Another concern is storage space, as the Xbox One X comes standard with a 1TB hard drive.

The Verge noted in its review of the Xbox One X that it ran out of storage space with 14 games and 20 apps installed.

It said most Xbox One games are between 40GB and 50GB, but enhanced games are significantly bigger.

Xbox One marketing lead Albert Penello told GameInformer that he encourages Xbox One X owners to buy an external hard drive with their console.

“Having external hard drive support… is a great way to get a ton of storage,” he said.

The Xbox One X will launch in South Africa before 25 December for R7,499.

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Xbox One X downloads are ridiculously massive