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ASUS AiMesh – The powerful whole-home Wi-Fi solution for Gamers

In most cases, a single ASUS router will give you great coverage and fast Wi-Fi speeds at home.

There’s always that one spot, however, which just refuses to let you connect your devices to your home Wi-Fi network. In the case of large and multi-storey homes, there may even be multiple “dead spots” which won’t let Wi-Fi signals through.

There are many reasons for patchy Wi-Fi coverage, and the addition of a wall or a new piece of furniture may do enough to enable poor connectivity. Fortunately, there is a solution – and it does not involve throwing away your current router and buying an expensive mesh system.


That solution is AiMesh from ASUS, a smart innovation that turns existing ASUS routers into a Wi-Fi mesh network.

Mesh networks offer multiple benefits over single-router setups, including a single SSID across your entire home, better coverage, and faster and more stable connectivity. ASUS AiMesh takes this one step further by improving on current mesh offerings. Before we get into the impressive performance, let’s take a look at how AiMesh works.

AiMesh lets a user connect multiple ASUS routers to create a single Wi-Fi network. Unlike other mesh networks, you don’t need matching hubs or a set of nodes – you can use various ASUS router models to create your mesh network. As each ASUS router delivers great performance as a standalone device, the linking of them using AiMesh results in a powerful whole-home Wi-Fi network.

Setting up an AiMesh network is quick and easy. A user first installs the latest firmware on all their routers and then sets the “extending routers” to factory defaults.

The highest-specification router must then be connected to your home’s Internet connection – fibre line, DSL, etc. – to create a Wi-Fi network. You then turn on the other AiMesh routers, and click Search in ASUSWRT or the ASUS Router app to find them.

Once this is done, you select a router and click Apply to add it to your AiMesh Wi-Fi system. Users can then create a single SSID or multiple SSIDs, manageable via their PC or a mobile app.

Supported models

AiMesh will support a wide range of ASUS routers, with the ASUS RT-AC86U the first to support the feature.

The ROG GT-AC5300, RT-AC5300, RT-AC88U, RT-AC3200, and RT-AC1900P amongst others are also included in the list. For more models, follow the link:


ASUS AiMesh is easy to set up, saves you money by allowing you to use existing routers, and provides excellent whole-home coverage – and it does this while delivering improved performance compared to rival mesh systems.

Tests by ASUS show that the AiMesh system can achieve Wi-Fi speeds of up to 5,300Mbps, and tests using the latest ASUS RT-AC86U router produced speeds of 463Mbps at long distances – outperforming an off-the-shelf multi-hub system.

This means users can stream 4K media or game in low-latency conditions with ease.

ASUS has incorporated several technologies to make this performance possible, which are centred around the system’s data “backbone”.

The company said this backbone connects all the AiMesh-enabled routers, with AiMesh intelligently choosing either a wired connection or the optimal frequency band – 5GHz or 2.4GHz. “With tri-band routers, it will dedicate one of the two 5GHz bands to inter-router communications,” said ASUS.

AiMesh also features self-healing capabilities, which replace a failed router using the remaining router connections. The system also constantly checks the signal strength to each device from each router.

This ensures that your devices which rely on Wi-Fi connections for connectivity are always connected to the best signal. If not, they will automatically switch to a different router.

AiMesh does not stop there, and also supports:

  • ASUS roaming and band steering capabilities.
  • AiProtection and Adaptive QoS.
  • Dual-WAN through Ethernet WAN and USB WAN.
  • VPN services – PPTP, OVPN server, and PPTP, L2TP, and OVPN client.

Great Wi-Fi without any hassles

The mark of great technology is when a solution works well without you noticing it, and ASUS has position AiMesh to meet this requirement.

AiMesh is a seamless and pain-free Wi-Fi system that lets you connect to your network regardless of where you are in your home, and allows you to move between rooms without dropping that connection.

If you have an ASUS router and are looking to expand your home Wi-Fi coverage, or are looking for a new solution to your home Wi-Fi troubles, then AiMesh is up to the task.

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ASUS AiMesh – The powerful whole-home Wi-Fi solution for Gamers