Loom Network unveils blockchain-based trading card game

Blockchain startup Loom Network has launched its upcoming crypto-collectible card game on Kickstarter.

Titled Zombie Battleground, the game features similar gameplay to other online collectible card games like Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering, but with a difference.

The cards and interactions within Zombie Battleground are all recorded on the Ethereum blockchain and a dedicated dAppchain built by Loom Network.

This allows players to own their own cards and provides users with the same control as they would have over their cards in real-world card games.

For example, players will be able to trade cards on an open marketplace and rare cards will have real scarcity and value – defined by the number of them in circulation.

Loom Network is developing the title in-house, and said the crypto-collectible approach removes the need for players to spend money on loot boxes.

“No need to shell out tons of money buying loot boxes from the company  – and if you quit the game, you can sell your cards to try and earn back any money you spent playing,” said the company.

If the project raises enough in its Kickstarter campaign ($250,000), the full release of Zombie Battleground will be available for iOS and Android devices in May 2019.

Users can back the project on Kickstarter for early access to the title and card booster packs.

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Loom Network unveils blockchain-based trading card game