Dota 2 team disqualified for using illegal mouse

A Peruvian Dota 2 team named Thunder Predator has been disqualified from The International 2018, due to a player using a programmable mouse.

In a qualifying match on 19 June 2018, Thunder Predator team member Atún used a Razer Synapse 3 programmable mouse to gain an edge over opposing players.

The mouse can be programmed with macro commands, allowing the instant issuing of multiple actions at the press of a single button.

Tools like these are banned from professional Dota 2 tournaments, as they can be used to provide an unfair advantage.

As spotted by users on Reddit, Atún used macro commands to easily control the Dota 2 hero Meepo, a character which usually demands impressive micro-management skills.

This allowed the player to perform actions which were physically impossible without macros, such as commanding Meepo clones to teleport to the same location at the exact same time.

Thunder Predator said in a statement that it denounces the accusation and that no type of hack was used.

“The player of our squadron Atún has a Razer Synapse mouse, which, like any professional player, has put its own manual configuration to be able to have a better use of hardware in benefit of its efficient performance in each of the games played with this hero (Meepo),” said the team.

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Dota 2 team disqualified for using illegal mouse