Nintendo rolls out fix for “un-patchable” Switch jailbreak

Nintendo has responded quickly to reports that the Nvidia Tegra chips used in its Switch console are vulnerable to an “un-patchable” exploit.

The exploit allowed crackers to jailbreak the device, Ars Technica reported.

Switch hardware hacker SciresM recently posted that certain Nintendo Switch consoles are no longer vulnerable to an exploit known as “Fusée Gelée” – which is “frozen rocket” in French.

SciresM said they suspect Nintendo has used the iPatch system on the Tegra X1 chip to burn updated protective code into the boot ROM. This is what has likely cut off the USB recovery mode overflow error that allowed hackers to crack the console.

The report highlighted that the fixed Nintendo Switch consoles are still running the older 4.1.0 firmware, and not the version 5.0.0 firmware which was released in March.

In other words, the updated units are not using the newer, more secure Nvidia Tegra processors (referred to as “Mariko”) hinted at in the 5.0.0 firmware.

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Nintendo rolls out fix for “un-patchable” Switch jailbreak