The PlayStation Classic is ridiculously easy to hack

YouTuber Retro Gaming Arts has published a video detailing how to access the recently-launched PlayStation Classic’s debug menu.

From this menu, users are presented with the settings for the console’s built-in open-source PCSX ReARMed emulator.

These settings provide access to a range of tools, including the ability to turn on cheats, manipulate save states, controls, and even emulate NTSC gameplay.

It is also interesting to note that the emulator’s debug menu provides a “Load CD Image” option, which may allow users to inject other PlayStation ROMs into the emulator via the console’s USB port – allowing them to play other games.

Accessing this debug menu is as simple as plugging in a keyboard to the console’s primary USB port and hitting the Esc key, although this only seems to work with certain keyboard models, including Corsair and Logitech devices.

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The PlayStation Classic is ridiculously easy to hack