The awesome gaming rigs inside the ATK Arena in Cape Town

The ATK Arena in Cape Town recently opened its doors to the public, offering a cutting-edge gaming lounge with the latest hardware available.

This project is a massive upgrade to the previous ATK Shack and is six-times as large as the company’s previous LAN lounge – with a lot more on offer.

In addition to the open LAN rooms with powerful gaming PCs, competition stage, and simulation stations, ATK Arena also boasts a lounge, bar, coffee shop, stage, and casting podium, as well as an upstairs gym named ATK Fit.

A wide variety of video games are sure to keep visitors entertained, and gamers who frequent the spot can sign up for a membership and receive greatly-discounted play time in the arena.

ATK Arena room

PC Hardware

The gaming rigs at the ATK Arena are impressive, and there are certainly enough of them to accommodate most LAN parties.

A total of 60 machines are built into modified desks, each with the same specifications. Another 12 identically-outfitted gaming PCs are housed in Corsair cases for competition use on the main stage at the arena.

The specifications of the gaming rigs at the ATK Arena in Cape Town are listed below.

ATK Arena desk

ATX Arena – PC Specifications
CPU AMD Ryzen 7
GPU ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Turbo
Monitor ASUS ROG 27-inch Curved 1,920 x 1,080 144Hz
RAM 16GB Corsair Vengeance
Cooling Corsair Hydro H60 Liquid
PSU Corsair RM1000X

A major feature of these set-ups is the 27-inch 144Hz curved display connected to each gaming PC, which offers improved smoothness and is designed for competitive play.

Gaming consoles are also available at the venue, and are connected to 4K televisions. The venue also includes high-quality imported racing simulation rigs.

The entire LAN floor is connected to the Internet via a 500Mbps fibre connection, which means gamers will enjoy a lag-free gaming experience and will also be able to install their own games on the machines.

ATK Arena owner Warren Barkhuizen told MyBroadband that many popular games including Fortnite, CS:GO, Overwatch, FIFA, PUBG, Dota 2, and Battlefield V are pre-installed on the machines, but customers can also play other titles.

“If customers ask for a game, we generally purchase it on the spot, and we allow users to log into their own Steam accounts and install whatever they want onto the machines,” Barkhuizen said.

ATK Arena sim racing

Events and Partners

ATK Arena has partnered with ASUS, Corsair, and Hudsons – the burger joint – to set up the new gaming venue.

The first two partners provided the wide selection of hardware, while the latter has set up shop at the location: serving food and drinks in the lounge area.

Many events will be also hosted at the arena going forward, with the venue playing host to mini tournaments which rotate games.

“Events currently take the form of 18-hour lans ([email protected]) where we put up prize money for mini tournaments on a rotating theme basis,” Barkhuizen told MyBroadband.

“Last month saw our first with Overwatch, and this weekend is the CS:GO LAN where we’re putting up R10,000 in cash prizes.”

Barkhuizen added that ATK Arena is in talks with partners to host monthly competitions with regular prize pools, as well as much larger tournaments.

ATK Arena membership packages start at around R600 per month, and include upwards of 20 hours game time, cheaper top-up options, discounted rates for guests, and the option to add a gym membership to ATK Fit.

Gamers can find out more about the ATK Arena gaming lounge on the official website.

ATK Arena chair

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The awesome gaming rigs inside the ATK Arena in Cape Town