The fastest ISPs for Steam downloads

For PC gamers, fast download speeds on Steam are important, as better speeds will make significant changes to the time taken to download large games.

Steam provides statistics that show which ISPs offer the fastest download speeds on Steam in various countries.

South African Steam download speeds

According to Steam’s statistics, the average download speed for South African users across all networks is 11Mbps.

In total, South Africans downloaded 568.6 TB on Steam over the past 7 days at the time of writing, and accounted for 0.2% of all Steam traffic.

The statistics show that Cool Ideas offers the fastest average download rate on Steam.

Telkom Internet had the lowest average download rate – coming in at just 7.4Mbps.

It is worth noting, however, that this figure would be heavily affected by Telkom’s extensive ADSL customer base, whereas providers like Cool Ideas only offer fibre internet.

The average download rates of South Africa’s most popular ISPs as determined by Steam’s user statistics are below.

Steam download speeds
Network Average Download Rate
Cool Ideas 30.4Mbps
Afrihost Fibre 20.1Mbps
Vox Telecom 19Mbps
Web Africa Networks 18.9Mbps
Vodacom 16.2Mbps
Axxess Networks 10.2Mbps
Optinet 10.1Mbps
Afrihost Other 9.3Mbps
Telkom Internet 7.4Mbps

Globally, Asia led the way in terms of average download rates, with South Korea and Japan averaging 114.3Mbps and 72.6Mbps respectively.

Some European countries also boast average Steam download rates of above 50Mbps, including Sweden (75.1Mbps) and Norway (56Mbps).

Global superpowers China and the United States averaged 47.6Mbps and 45.1Mbps respectively.

Bandwidth use

North America, Europe, and Asia are the three dominant continents when it comes to overall Steam bandwidth usage.

Over the previous 48 hours at the time of writing, the three continents’ total bandwidth usage peaked at 1.2Tbps, 1.9Tbps, and 1.8Tbps respectively.

Asia’s bandwidth usage is particularly impressive given that Russia and the Middle East are tracked separately from the rest of the continent. These regions peaked at 467.5Gbps and 116.3Gbps respectively.

In comparison, Africa peaked at just 17.4Gbps over the same period.

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The fastest ISPs for Steam downloads