Sony to launch PlayStation 5 Pro alongside standard model – Report

According to Japanese gaming journalist Zenji Nishikawa, Sony plans to launch its PlayStation 5 Pro console at the same time as the standard PS5 model.

Taking previous PlayStation launches into account, it would be expected that the PlayStation 5 Pro might launch years after the original console, making Nishikawa’s claim surprising.

However, Nishikawa has a solid track record of such predictions, having previously made successful predictions regarding other console launches such as the PlayStation 4 Pro and Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nishikawa said that the PlayStation 5 Pro would cost up to $150 more than the standard model, and would be launched this early because the company has realised that gamers want a high-end console as soon as possible.

PlayStation 5 specifications

It is unclear what additional features and performance the PlayStation 5 Pro would offer, as the standard model is already going to be capable of supporting 8K video and ray-tracing.

The standard PlayStation 5 will also boast impressive hardware, including an octa-core AMD chipset and SSD storage.

A custom AMD Radeon Navi GPU will be installed in the PlayStation 5 standard model.

The combined power of this hardware will result in the PlayStation 5 being 10-times faster than the PlayStation 4 Pro when loading complex scenes.

It has been speculated that the PlayStation 5 will launch in 2020.

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Sony to launch PlayStation 5 Pro alongside standard model – Report