Why Huawei smartphones are great for gamers

Mobile gamers have a lot of choice at the moment, with powerful Android devices being rolled out from major manufacturers including Huawei, Samsung, and Xiaomi.

Unlike many flagship smartphone users, hardcore mobile gamers place a lot of emphasis on specifications such as GPU performance, battery life, and RAM.

These are extremely important to consider when buying a device that you want to use regularly for games.

When it comes to mid-range and flagship processors, Huawei’s Kirin, Samsung’s Exynos, and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips all boast relatively similar general performance.

However, Huawei has a secret weapon when it comes to mobile gaming which places it significantly ahead of the competition – GPU Turbo.

GPU Turbo explained

GPU Turbo is a graphics processing technology developed by Huawei which delivers massive performance improvements for mobile gaming.

The solution is implemented at the software level and controls the rendering flow delivered to the chipset’s graphics processing unit.

Without GPU Turbo, the CPU tells the GPU to draw frames in a standard format, drawing every frame from scratch.

GPU Turbo changes this, and instead retains information of the previously-rendered frames and only draws what is new.

This results in not only in much better GPU performance, but also greater power efficiency due to the more efficient processing system.

Tests conducted by Huawei showed a GPU performance improvement of up to 60%, along with 30% greater power efficiency and reduced frame rate jitter.

GPU Turbo is available in various versions across a wide range of Huawei devices, meaning that if you are looking at a Huawei or Honor smartphone with good gaming specifications, it would most likely have GPU Turbo installed.

GPU Turbo 3 – the latest version of the software – now supports over 25 of the most popular Android games, added Huawei.

This means that even if you are comparing two devices with similar screen resolutions, chipsets, memory, and battery sizes, the inclusion of GPU Turbo can make the Huawei the best choice for any hardcore mobile gamer.

The latest version of Huawei’s Android-based operating system, EMUI 10, also includes improvements to GPU Turbo.

Earlier in December it was announced that the Mate X was one of the latest phones to receive the upgraded software.

Other devices which include support for GPU Turbo include the Huawei P30 and Nova 5T.

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Why Huawei smartphones are great for gamers