Valve files patent for new Steam controller

Valve has filed a patent for an improved version of its Steam controller.

The patent for the new version was published on 26 March 2020 and describes a number of changes to the controller’s design – including the ability to swap out parts of the gamepad.

According to the filing, the controller would feature a modular design that allows users to swap out parts of the gamepad for others depending on which game they are playing.

For example, gamers would be able to detach one of the trackpads and replace it with a directional pad if they prefer that control type for a specific game.

The patent adds that the controller would also support a number of detachable modules on the top or the back of the device.

“The controller may additionally or alternatively include one or more detachable top-surface controls, back-surface controls, and/or the like,” the patent states.

“While some traditional handheld controllers include a fixed number and a fixed type of controls, the controllers described herein allow for different configurations that may be tailored to individual users and/or to applications that are being executed via the controllers.”

“This configurability enriches the use of these controllers and, hence, the experience of users operating the controllers,” the patent adds.

PS5 DualSense controller

The emergence of Valve’s new Steam Controller patent follows after Sony revealed its new gamepad for its upcoming next-generation console – the DualSense controller.

The DualSense controller for PlayStation 5 offers a selection of new features, including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

It also sports a white-and-black colour scheme with a large touchpad at the centre and blue lighting zones.

The Share button has been replaced with a “Create” button that offers new ways for players to share their experiences with friends.

The Steam controller is similar to this controller in its basic design, although its use of trackpads is unique and aims to provide better support for PC-exclusive titles.

Below are the images from the patent filing for Valve’s Steam controller.

Patent images

Steam controller 1

Steam controller 2

Steam controller 3

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Valve files patent for new Steam controller