PlayStation 5 unboxing – Photos

The highly-anticipated PlayStation 5 officially launched in South Africa on Thursday 19 November.

MyBroadband had the opportunity to unbox one of Sony’s new gaming consoles.

Pre-orders for the PS5 first opened in South Africa on 17 September, with two models being available:

  • PlayStation5 (with BluRay drive) – R11,999
  • PlayStation 5 Digital Edition – R9,999

Several retailers – including BT Games, Koodoo, and Takealot – sold all of their units in less than 24 hours.

Makro and Game also ran out of stuck mere hours after opening their pre-orders.

Our console’s owner was one of the lucky customers who managed to secure his standard PS5 console on the Koodoo website minutes after orders opened.

His unit was delivered to our office at around 10:00 AM on Thursday morning.

First impressions

The console came in a large rectangular box adorned in a simple white, blue, and black design with a handle at the top.

Images of the console and its controller were on the front, left, and back of the box.

Opening it was quick and easy, and only required removing three stickers at its top.

The exterior turned out to be a removable sleeve out of which the actual console’s box can be lifted.

Getting the contents out proved to be a bit of challenge in the vertical orientation, however, as there was no place to grip the container at the top of the box.

To avoid breaking something and having to face the new owner’s wrath, we tipped the box onto its side to allow us to slide the contents out with less distance for falling.

First out of the box was a smaller rectangular box, which we chose to ignore, as it obviously did not contain the console.

The PS5 itself was just behind it, perched between two pieces of moulded cardboard and wrapped in thick plastic for protection.

Massive size

We were left astounded by the console’s size once we removed it from the packaging.

While this attribute has been made clear in previous hands-on impressions and early reviews, we were still left surprised, particularly by its 39cm height.

The centre of the console – where its powerful hardware is located – had a glossy finish, while the two side panels had a smooth matte texture.

A single PlayStation logo was sported at the exterior top of the left white panel, near the back of the console, and a Sony logo was etched on the inside of the right panel at the front.

The I/O on the back of console boasted two Type-A USB 3.1 ports, an RJ45 Ethernet port, HDMI, and power input.

On the front was a USB-C connection, another Type-A USB 3.1 port, the BluRay disc bay, and the power and eject buttons.

DualSense Controller

Once we were done admiring the main feature of our package, we opened the accessories box.

This contained the new DualSense controller, its USB-C charging cable, a simple two-prong power cord, HDMI cable, round pedestal, quick start guide, and general safety booklet.

With a bulkier size and curvature that fits the hand more naturally, we found the new DualSense controller was extremely comfortable to hold.

Sony has kept all of the important bits in the same place, but modified the PlayStation button to the shape of the logo rather than simply printing it on a round button.

The triggers now also support haptic feedback, which has already proven to be a hit with many early reviewers.

Adding the stand

While we did not bother to read instructions for the included stand, it was quite easy to attach to the console.

The stand includes a rotating mechanism for controlling the height of an angled pedestal placed in its centre.

This piece is intended to hold the contoured side of the PS5 in place when it is placed horizontally.

Turning the stand’s mechanism anti-clockwise drops the pedestal down so that the stand can also be used with the console in its vertical position.

For both positions, the stand is attached at the back of the console with an extended clip as the buffer that holds onto the edge.

Below are images of our unboxing of the PlayStation 5.

The box

The console



Accessories and full package


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PlayStation 5 unboxing – Photos