5 important things happening in tech today

The first passenger seat in Jeff Bezos’ space flight has been auctioned off for $28 million, which amounts to roughly $2.8 million per minute for the flight that will have a duration of around 10 minutes.

A British science and technology firm has created a ceiling-mounted sensor that can detect the presence of Covid-19 in a room.

The G7 summit has concluded that scientific investigation into the possible origin of Covid-19 in China must be undertaken. The nations also agreed on a global climate change programme which will see the countries collectively pledging $100 billion a year towards reducing climate change.

Five laws aimed at regulating big tech companies like Amazon and Facebook have been introduced in the United States House of Representatives.

E3 started on Saturday, and Microsoft announced a number of games to be released on Xbox Game Pass with immediate effect, and many more in the coming months. Razer will be presenting its first E3 keynote today.

Here is what is happening in the tech world today:

  • Bezos: The Amazon founder’s space flight with his brother will be taking place on 20 July, and the third seat on the trip has been auctioned off for a reported $28 million, according to Ars Technica, and the identity of the bidder has not yet been made public. The flight is expected to last around 10 minutes, three of which will be spent in zero gravity. The fourth seat is yet to be auctioned off.

  • Covid sensor: British science and technology company Roboscientific has created a ceiling-mounted device that is able to detect the presence of Covid-19 in a room. Early studies show that the device has an accuracy of 98% to 100%. The researchers have stressed that the testing and development of the device are at an early stage.

  • G7 summit: The G7 summit concluded on 13 June 2021, and according to Politico the nations agreed that a thorough scientific investigation regarding the origins of Covid-19 should be conducted in China. This follows from China’s refusal of any such investigation, as reported by the Guardian on 27 May. The nations also discussed a crackdown on China’s reported human rights offences. Consensus was reached by the G7 nations on distributing 870 million Covid-19 vaccines across the globe, 130 million less from the 1 billion that was first agreed on. There was also agreement on addressing climate change, with a target of $100 billion per year being pledged until 2025. The nations also agreed on significantly reducing global coal-produced energy, though both the U.S. and Japan were wary of fully agreeing on this point.

  • Big tech regulation: According to Reuters, a group of lawmakers in the United States Congress introduced five Bills aimed at regulating big tech companies like Google and Facebook. One Bill bans platforms from merging with companies that would typically compete in the same line of business. Another aims at making it illegal for such companies to give preference to their own products on their platforms. A third Bill will make it illegal to own “subsidiaries that operate on their platform if those subsidiaries compete with other businesses”. A fourth Bill seeks to allow users to freely transfer all their data to competing platforms. The fifth Bill will be aimed at assessing mergers, ensuring they are legal.

  • E3: The E3 gaming conference kicked off on Saturday, and the Microsoft-Bethesda Keynote was the biggest event of the weekend. Microsoft announced a wide range of games to be released on Xbox Game Pass with immediate effect after the conference. Bethesda announced Starfield, which the developer stated will launch on 11 November 2022. Today will see a number of other keynote presentations at E3, including from Capcom and Razer. It is Razer’s first time presenting at E3. The full schedule is available from Gamesradar. The Halo Infinite multiplayer deep-dive will also be taking place today and can be viewed on Youtube.

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5 important things happening in tech today