5 important things happening in tech today

China will lose around 90% of its total Bitcoin mining power by the end of its ongoing crypto-crackdown.

Starlink will provide global coverage by September, and then regulatory approval from governments is the next big step.

Oneplus will soon be integrated with Oppo.

Microsoft is going to start developing games that will be based solely in the Xbox cloud.

Cyberpunk 2077 is officially back on the Playstation Store, but Sony and CD Projekt Red have attached a warning to the release.

Here is what is happening in the tech world today:

  • China’s crypto-mining crackdown: According to Global Times China the country is estimated to lose 90% of its Bitcoin mining power by the end of the current crackdown from the Chinese government. This follows from yesterday’s report that miners in the Sichuan province — the country’s second-biggest mining power producer — have been ordered to shut down operations. In the past 24 hours, three of the country’s biggest mining pools have lost 20% to 40% of their mining power. Industry analysts like Dovey Wan have said that Chinese miners are looking to move their operations to other countries.

  • Starlink global coverage by September: Gwynne Shotwel, president of SpaceX’s Starlink, has stated that the company expects to have enough capacity for global coverage as early as September. According to Reuters, Shotwel said that the company has launched around 1,800 satellites into orbit, and is aiming for a total of 12,000, at an estimated cost of $10 billion. “But then we have regulatory work to go into every country and get approved to provide telecoms services,” Shotwell stated.

  • Oneplus to merge with Oppo: Oneplus CEO Pete Lau has confirmed that the smartphone brand will be integrated under the Oppo brand. The company has already begun merging with Oppo, and the deeper integration is motivated by the increased resources it will allow for both Oneplus and Oppo. Oneplus will continue to operate under its own brand name.

  • Microsoft will develop fully-cloud-based games: According to The Verge, Microsoft announced that they will begin to develop games based solely in the cloud, and the project will be lead by the director of Valve’s Portal game, Kim Swift. Microsoft aims to rapidly expand its xCloud gaming platform. The company said that cloud gaming enables faster load times, no longer having to install or patch games, and above-average graphics. The company also stated that it upgraded its cloud capabilities to Xbox Series X performance levels and is in the process of locking down the streaming rights from its game development partners.

  • Cyberpunk is back on the Playstation Store: Sony has allowed CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 back on the PS Store, as reported by Neowin, but both companies have issued a warning that the game’s Playstation 4  performance issues will persist. Players are recommended to play on the PS4 Pro and the PS5. The developers will continue to release patches and updates for the game.

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5 important things happening in tech today