5 important things happening in tech today

Big tech goes under the microscope later today as six proposed bills to regulate big tech corporations will be voted on by the US House of Representatives.

Facebook will expand its ecommerce reach by implementing the “Shops” feature in Whatsapp.

Xbox Game Streaming launches Xbox Series X capabilities for 260 games, making them playable through your web browser.

Microsoft is bringing photo editing capabilities to OneDrive.

Samsung launches new 5G chips for next-gen smartphones.

Here is what’s happening in the tech world today:

  • Big tech regulation: The six bills that were reported by Reuters last week will be going up for a vote in the US later today. The bills propose to regulate the way tech companies like Google, Apple and Facebook run the app stores on their platforms, as well as how they acquire new companies. The stated goal is to foster more competition in the tech industry. According to The New York Times, Apple CEO Tim Cook has been in contact with US Speaker Nancy Pelosi, asking for the vote to be delayed. He warned that the bills are rushed, and will ultimately do more harm than good in the industry, reducing innovation and hurting companies, big and small.

  • Facebook makes moves in ecommerce: Facebook will be rolling out its Shops feature to Whatsapp, as well as to Facebook Marketplace. Shops is already on Instagram, and Facebook said that the platform already has 300 million monthly Shops visitors. Shops enables businesses to post their catalogues onto the platform, from where users are able to buy them by linking their payment information to the platform. According to Reuters, the company will also be launching AI to enable shoppers to search by using pictures of products, as well as augmented reality functions, allowing users to “try-on” items they want to buy.

  • Xbox Game Streaming launches: Microsoft announced that it will be increasing the capabilities of its server farms, which will enable Xbox Series X performance for cloud gamers and, according to Ars Technica, the company has flipped the switch on the service. This will enable similar performance to next-gen consoles from users’ web-browsers.

  • Microsoft introduces photo editing features in Onedrive: Microsoft announced that its cloud storage platform will now have photo editing capabilities, including light and colour editing, cropping, and rotating and flipping. These are just the first of what the company says will be many new features coming to the platform’s photo editing capabilities in the next year.

  • Samsung launches new 5G chipsets: Samsung announced that its new generation of 5G chipsets have arrived, and will feature in its devices from 2022. The company has said its new chipsets will boost 5G performance while increasing power efficiency and reducing the size of the chips themselves. Samsung’s chips will appear in various networking devices, including modems and antennas, with the company also announcing new radio antennas that it claims will increase mobile operators’ 5G rollout capabilities.

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5 important things happening in tech today