Steam Summer Sale — Best games under R100

Steam has launched its Summer Sale, offering great deals on thousands of PC games from 24 June to 8 July.

The PC gaming platform has slashed the prices of several popular titles to under R100, ranging from big-name AAA games by major to studios, to independent titles from smaller developers.

This year’s McGuffin for the sale is “Forge Your Fate”, which lets players choose from two possible actions in fourteen stories found throughout the sale.

As a reward for participating you receive an animated sticker as a memento of your decision. Upon completing all of the stories, you’ll get one of five unique badges reflecting your choices.

We have scoured the sale to find the best value for money deals.

Below are the 15 best games for under R100 we found across Steam’s 2021 Summer Sale:

Titanfall 2 — R89.99 (80% off)

titanfall 2 cover

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus — R93.80 (80% off)


F1 2020 — R82.25 (75% off)

f1 2020 wallpaper

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain — R89.75 (75% off)


Far Cry 3 — R50.25 (85% off) & Far Cry 4 — R99.80 (80% off)

far cry 3 and far cry 4 covers

For Honor — R99.60 (60% off)

for honor cover

Inside — R54.75 (75% off)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt + Expansions — R99.80 (80% off)


Cities: Skylines — R79.75 (75% off)

cities skylines cover

Stellaris — R54.75 (75% off)

Mortal Kombat 11 — R89.70 (70% off)

mortal kombat 11

Batman: Arkham Collection — R71 (80% off)


Sniper Elite 4 — R88.35 (85% off)

sniper elite 4 cover

Papers, Please — R39.50 (50% off)

papers please cover

Kingdom Come: Deliverance + Expansions — R74.46 (66% off)

kingdom come deliverance cover

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Steam Summer Sale — Best games under R100