We weighed bags of chips to test if you get what you pay for

MyBroadband recently weighed the contents of different bags of potato chips and found that they closely match the mass advertised on the bag.

Chips are a go-to snack, whether as an appetiser while waiting for the braai or as something to graze on while watching the game.

Everyone has their favourite brand and flavour — but do you get what you pay for?

We bought four different bags of chips from different brands at the local Spar and weighed the contents of each pack.

The kitchen scale we used was tested for accuracy and repeatability. It proved 100% repeatable, with an accuracy of 1g.

Each brand of chips was still weighed multiple times with the average taken to limit the influence of the scale on the readings.

We used a lightweight container to hold the chips and tared the scale with the clean and empty container in-between each measurement to ensure accuracy.

Only our pack of Willards tomato-flavoured chips exceeded the advertised weight.

The Simba and Lay’s chips each measured 1g below their advertised weights, while the Doritos came in 2g under the mass indicated on the pack.

Considering that the scale was accurate to 1g and that these differences are a tiny percentage of the total weight, none of the brands tested fared badly.

The following table summarises the findings of our test.

Chips — Weighed and measured
Brand Price Advertised weight Actual weight Price/g
Willards R14.99 125g 126g 11.89c
Simba R15.99 120g 119g 13.44c
Doritos R19.99 145g 143g 13.98c
Lay’s R18.99 120g 119g 15.96c

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We weighed bags of chips to test if you get what you pay for