YouTuber turns toilet into gaming PC

YouTuber Nick Zetta recently published a video on his Basically Homeless channel showing how he modified a toilet to fit an entire working gaming PC.

Zetta said he spent a few months planning the design, learning to cut porcelain, and brushing up on some plumbing knowledge in preparation for the build.

Importantly, he wanted the toilet to be completely functional — otherwise it would effectively just be a PC in a ceramic case.

“I want to do sweaty, try-hard, FPS gaming from my toilet,” Zetta explains early on in the video.

To start with, he ordered an extra-large water tank for the toilet to fit all the PC components alongside the flushing system.

He then cut several holes in the bottom of the tank to run cables through for connecting external peripherals and a power source.

For a view of the insides of the system, Zetta cut a square out of the front of the tank and fitted a transparent piece of plastic.

To keep the PC components and flushing system with water apart, he cut and glued several more pieces of plastic together to create a separator.

Because case cooling was limited to a single fan cut into the top of the tank, he opted for the Intel Core i7-12700 for processing power to keep temperatures in check.

For graphics, he chose an Nvidia RTX 3060 single fan card, which nearly didn’t fit until he modified the mounting plate.

Once completed, he removed the current water tank in his guest bathroom and replaced it with his toilet PC.

After initially seeing some water leaks, he applied more sealing adhesive and got the PC to turn on without any issues.

Zetta shows how he could flush the toilet while the PC was running.

Zetta also wall-mounted a small desk for his keyboard and mouse and a 27-inch 1440p 240Hz MSI gaming monitor.

He then proceeded to play a few rounds of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, proudly telling his teammates he was playing from the toilet.

If a toilet PC doesn’t really float your boat, you could always opt for a MetalFish Y2 Fish Tank Chassis, a case which combines a microATX case with a fish tank on top.

The table below shows the specifications of Zetta’s toilet PC.

Toilet PC specifications
Processor Intel Core i7-12700
RAM 64GB G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB DDR5600
Motherboard Asus Z690-G ROG Strix Gaming microATX
Graphics card Asus Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Phoenix 12GB GDDR6
Monitor MSI Optix MAG274QRX 27-inch WQHD 240HZ monitor

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YouTuber turns toilet into gaming PC