Most popular gaming headset brands in South Africa

Corsair and Logitech are the most popular gaming headset brands among South African gamers and have dominated the space for some time.

However, cost-effective options from brands like Redragon and Cooler Master are popular choices for gamers on a budget. Brands like MSI, Razer, Sennheiser, Epos, and Steelseries are also popular.

Dreamware Tech told MyBroadband that Corsair and Logitech headsets dominate sales in the high-end segment.

“Corsair and Logitech make the bulk of our sales in the premium headset category, with Redragon being a popular cost-effective option,” it said.

“Other brands such as MSI, Razer, Epos, Cooler Master and Steelseries are also popular. However, their sales are not quite as large as the two most dominant brands.”

It explained that it had observed the popularity of Cooler Master headsets, in particular, increase over the last year. However, Corsair and Logitech have an established reputation in the country, so they likely won’t be dethroned anytime soon.

“Logitech and Corsair have been dominant in the market for peripherals for many years now. They have an established reputation and have garnered a large fan base in South Africa,” said Dreamware Tech.

Wootware agrees that Corsair and Logitech are dominant players in the peripherals market.

“Corsair continues to dominate the South African gaming market, with their headsets remaining at the top of the popularity charts, and Logitech, a long-standing player in the gaming peripheral market, maintains a strong presence in South Africa,” it said.

It added that Epos has seen its popularity rise and that Sennheiser has a strong following in South Africa.

“Epos, known for their high-quality audio solutions, has gained considerable traction in South Africa. Their headsets have been well-received by gamers, positioning Epos as a strong competitor in the market,” said Wootware.

“Sennheiser, renowned for its high-fidelity audio products, has a dedicated following among gamers as well as audiophiles in South Africa.”

“Despite strong competition, Sennheiser continues to attract gamers who prioritise audio quality in their gaming experience,” it added.

Dreamware Tech explained that in light of the global economic decline, most gamers shifted their buying habits by upgrading less frequently and prioritising a more balanced price-to-performance ratio.

Wootware said it hadn’t observed any significant shifts in recent years.

“The most popular brands have consistently maintained their strong presence in South Africa. The above-mentioned brands have not only sustained their popularity but also offered some of the best deals in terms of price and performance,” it said.

MyBroadband also asked Pinnacle, Tarsus, and Syntech for comment, but they had not answered our questions by publication.

The most popular gaming headset brands among South African gamers and some of their models are listed below.




Cooler Master



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Most popular gaming headset brands in South Africa