Sony unveils smaller PlayStation 5 — with a separate R570 vertical stand

Sony has unveiled a redesigned PlayStation 5 with a smaller footprint and reduced weight.

The Japanese gaming giant will start selling new versions of the standard PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition from November 2023, three years after it launched the original consoles.

The company has previously rolled out more compact versions of its other consoles — which it dubbed “Slim” models.

Both new PS5s feature the same internal hardware but are 30% smaller, while the standard PS5 weighs 18% less and the Digital Edition 24% less.

The most prominent visual design change is the splitting of the two side panels into four separate pieces.

A thick, horizontal gap on either side divides the panels into two sections separated by a black bar.

The two top pieces feature a glossy finish, while the bottom parts have stuck to a matte finish.

New compact PS5 (left) and PS5 Digital Edition (middle) with PS5 controller.

In addition to the standard white colours, Sony will be selling all-matte black panels separately.

It will also offer a Deep Earth Collection consisting of Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue, and Sterling Silver panels.

With four panels instead of two, PS5 owners can assemble a broader range of different-coloured combinations.

Sony also said that additional colours will be available in the future.

The new PS5 Digital Edition also supports adding a Blu-ray disc drive that can be bought separately at a later stage.

To accommodate this, the revamped PS5 Digital Edition features a slot for attaching the drive.

New PlayStation 5 Digital Edition with add-on Blu-ray drive.

To showcase the consoles, Sony is offering a new vertical stand with a silver metallic ring instead of the solid black circle of the current stand.

The included stand will now only support horizontal orientation, whereas the previous version could be configured for either vertical or horizontal placement.

An image of the new PS5 in its horizontal orientation also shows that Sony has simplified its design.

Pricing and availability

The new consoles will be available first in the US and on in select countries in November 2023, with a global rollout happening in the following months.

In the US, the new PS5 will sell for $499.99 (R9,518), while the Digital Edition will be $50 (R952) cheaper.

The add-on console covers will start at $54.99 (R1,047), while the silver-ringed vertical stand will be priced at $29.99 (R571).

South African pricing and availability of the new models remain to be confirmed.

The current PS5 models recently had their local prices increased, with the standard model jumping from R12,799 to R13,999 and the Digital Edition increasing from R10,499 to R11,999.

Sony said the new PS5 models would replace the older versions. Once the latter is sold out, the revamped variants will be the only ones on offer.

Redesigned PS5 in horizontal orientation

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Sony unveils smaller PlayStation 5 — with a separate R570 vertical stand