Intel’s new processors have massive gaming performance booster

Intel’s new Application Optimisation (APO) tech available in four of its recently launched 14th-generation processors can provide impressive frame rate increases to supported games.

Tom’s Hardware was among the first publications to pick up on detailed benchmarks of one of the processes with the new feature, posted to Reddit by user LightMoisture.

APO dedicates application resources in real-time through a revised scheduling policy that can fine-tune gaming performance.

LightMoisture’s testing of the feature running on a Core i9-14900KW in Rainbow Six Siege and Metro Exodus, the only games that currently support APO, resulted in FPS gains of 31% and 24%, respectively.

He tested at a 1080p resolution with low settings to gauge the maximum potential benefit of APO and to see how much of a bottleneck was created by the previous scheduler setup in preceding CPUs.

In Rainbow Six Siege, his average frame rate jumped from 659 FPS to 867 FPS — a gain of 208 frames.

The tests with this game are shown in the video below.

In Metro Exodus, a much more graphically intensive game, his average FPS increased from 273 to 339.

LightMoisture paired his CPU with two 32GB dual ranked 7,400MHz CL32 memory installed in an Asus Z790 motherboard.

He surmised that a lower-end memory setup would result in less substantial gains, while 8,800MHz memory could see even better results.

What is surprising about this hands-on experience with APO, is that Intel has seemingly undersold it, rather uncharacteristic of a chipmaker punting its upgrades at announcement time.

The company’s own estimations put the FPS improvements at 13–16%. These were likely based on maxed-out settings at a higher resolution.

Tom’s Hardware argues that APO could help Intel challenge the performance benefits of AMD’s 3D-VCache, available in its Ryzen 7000 series CPUs.

However, that would depend on a much wider range of games adding support for the feature.

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Intel’s new processors have massive gaming performance booster