Reload: SA Kickstarter campaign solves PC save game problems

Kratos Software, a South African software development studio, has launched a Kickstarter campaign that aims to end save game issues that PC gamers experience.

Reload is a game save management system, which allows gamers to sync saves across multiple PCs, save to cloud storage platforms, as well as add in-game save and load options.

Reload will aim to solve the problems with accidental deletes, hard drive crashes, and preventing quick save options from overwriting one another.

  • Manage all your saves from a single interface. No more Steam and Origin. No more messy user folder. Reload will copy your saves locally, to a network device, or even to a cloud-based storage facility.
  • Full control and ease of use. Save iteratively, whether the game allows it or not. Create your own in-game keybinds, to save and restore your progress whenever you feel like it. You decide how, and how often, your saves get stored.
  • Sync your saves. Play from where you left off, no matter what computer you are on.
  • Data maintenance. Game saves can take up a lot of space. Reload will manage this if you have space or bandwidth constraints. You decide which saves should be kept and which should be deleted.
  • Low on resources. Does its thing quietly and efficiently in the background.
  • TLC. Developed by gamers, for gamers. We are a small team with customer-focused development, so no corporate directives and guidelines to govern us. Tell us what you want, and if it makes sense we’ll implement it.

Kratos Software is asking for $5,000 to make finish a final version of Reload and make it available to the public.

Check out the Reload Kickstarter campaign page.

Check out the video below to watch Reload in action:

Source: MyGaming

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Reload: SA Kickstarter campaign solves PC save game problems