How not to blow R65 million

The City Press has reported that the City of Tshwane spent R65 million on the TribeOne music festival, which was eventually cancelled.

According to the report, R10 million was spent as part of a non-refundable appearance fee for pop star Nicki Minaj.

TribeOne Festival cancelled

The TribeOne Festival website states that “the inaugural TribeOne Festival, set to take place in Cullinan on 26, 27, and 28 September 2014, has been cancelled. The event was to be hosted by the City of Tshwane”.

There is currently a legal battle between the organisers and the City of Tshwane regarding the music festival.

The city wants the festival to continue. However, the organisers argue that the city did not comply with its requirements for infrastructure upgrades.

“Site preparation and related infrastructure development required to host the Festival, being the responsibility of the City of Tshwane, fell behind schedule to a material extent,” the festival website states.

“It was no longer realistically possible to stage and deliver the Festival to the scale and quality that the organisers had always planned. Under the circumstances, and despite efforts to seek alternative arrangements, the organisers have had no option but to cancel the event.”

R65 million potentially wasted on the project

What may upset some residents of Tshwane is that R65 million was spent on a failed music festival while many residents in the municipal area do not have houses, Internet access, or basic ICTs.

The following infographic gives an overview of what the R65 million could have bought.

What R65 million can buy
What R65 million can buy

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How not to blow R65 million