EFF says e-toll review panel “waste of time”

The Economic Freedom Fighters on Thursday questioned the need for the Gauteng E-tolls Advisory Panel.

“[The] EFF wish to make it clear that the set-up of the advisory panel is a waste of time and misuse of taxpayers’ money,” Gauteng caucus leader Mgcini Tshwaku told the committee.

“It seems as if we have a government that lacks capacity to think and analyse material conditions and implement the will of the people.”

He said the people of South Africa had spoken out and rejected the implementation of e-tolls long ago, effectively meaning the submissions being made were already in the public domain.

Tshwaku said the system affected mainly the poor and took food out of their mouths.

The poor would also be forced to use roads full of potholes as they tried to avoid e-tolls.

“The poor and working class will be forced to travel on poor roads which will lead to congestion as many of them will be targeting untolled roads.

“This can lead to workers arriving late at work and [being] fired by the employers,” he said.

The issue of the poor state of public transport was highlighted with Tshwaku saying many people were forced to use private cars because public transport was unreliable.

“The public transport is totally inadequate, as it is unsafe, unreliable and costly. What other choice do our people have? Note [that] the current transport system is still not integrated and affordable … [the] Gautrain and bus system is targeted at satisfying the needs of the rich,” he said.

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EFF says e-toll review panel “waste of time”