Tshwane’s 8GB free Wi-Fi only the start

Connectivity is considered a basic service in the City of Tshwane, and the city will continue to grow its free Internet initiative to serve its residents. This is according to Dumisani Otumile, the Group Chief Information Officer at City of Tshwane.

Otumile said that the City of Tshwane has the best formula to rollout Wi-Fi. According to Otumile, Tshwane is already giving 8GB of free data to residents on a monthly basis.

“This is costing the city R1 per 1GB per month per user. This price is almost impossible to beat,” he said.

Bigger network, more services

Otumile said that by June 2015 the City of Tshwane will have approximately 650 Wi-Fi sites, providing massive capacity.

The free Internet access is, however, only the start. Other services are now being rolled out using this network.

“While others are still grappling with connectivity, Tshwane is shifting the focus to Wi-Fi applications,” he said.

The services set to launch in 2015 include:

  • Wi-Fi TV – a video on demand service, is meant to distribute local news content to low-income communities.
  • A free “Voice Wi-Fi ” service running on the Wi-Fi network.
  • A Tshwane voice mobile app will allow users on the Wi-Fi network to make free mobile calls.
  • A video on demand movie streaming service called Wi-Fi Drive Inn. Residents will be able to watch the latest movie releases, using any gadget, for free at certain locations.

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Tshwane’s 8GB free Wi-Fi only the start