Who has the best qualifications – ANC vs DA

South Africa is facing many challenges: an energy crisis, a massive digital terrestrial television delay, and the ongoing battle for operators to access to valuable broadband spectrum.

The SABC and the South African Post Office are also facing serious challenges.

These problems have a negative impact on the Department of Communications’ plan to achieve 100% broadband penetration and create one million ICT jobs by 2020.

Many people lay the blame for these problems at the feet of the ANC government, specifically President Jacob Zuma and his cabinet.

The competency and qualifications of Zuma and his cabinet are often questioned, especially when looking at technical fields like communications and energy.

One of the biggest critics of Zuma and his cabinet is the DA, which makes it clear it is more suitable to rule the country than the current ANC government.

This raises the question as to whether the DA’s shadow cabinet is better qualified than the current Zuma administration.

MyBroadband did a side-by-side qualification comparison of the president and some of the ministers who affect ICT in South Africa: Finance, Energy, Communications, and Telecommunications & Postal Services.

For this comparison we used a scale based on the level of qualification, where Matric = 1 and a Doctorate = 5. Click on the infographic below to enlarge it.

ANC vs DA Qualifications
ANC vs DA Qualifications

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Who has the best qualifications – ANC vs DA