It’s the little things

MyBroadband recently published an article about the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa’s (Icasa’s) performance and staff salaries.

The regulator’s annual report showed that employees continue to receive large salaries despite its dismal performance.

Icasa admitted that it only achieved a 29% success rate for the targets it set which the Auditor-General measures. That is not even a pass in today’s schooling system.

Instead of telling Parliament that heads will roll, Icasa councillor Katharina Pillay said they decided not to pay bonuses.

And this is where the problem lies. It is acceptable at Icasa, and many government departments, to miss targets and not suffer significant consequences.

If poor performance is tolerated, it starts to spread throughout the entire organisation. It starts to rot the company from the inside, and after a while it becomes ineffective.

For an example of this you do not have to look any further than Icasa’s annual report, which was presented to parliament. The numbers provided in the report (shown below) are wrong.

While the two small mistakes in the report may not be significant, it should have been picked up and corrected.

Be intolerant of even the smallest mistakes, and you can start to fix the mess at the organisation. Let it slide, and we all know where it ends.

Icasa annual report figures
Icasa annual report figures

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It’s the little things