This is what the average e-toll user owes Sanral

Before Sanral implemented the 60% discount for outstanding e-toll debt, e-road users owed the agency around R4,500 on average for the period from 3 December 2013 to 31 August 2015.

This is the information from Electronic Toll Collections (ETC) company COO Mark Ridgway, who said that after the discount the average outstanding balance is R1,800.

He said this equates to approximately R85 per month, and after settling the debt, you will be where you would have been if you had complied and registered from the inception of e-tolls.

Sanral and the ETC announced the implementation of the 60% discount at the start of November. Users have 6 months to settle their outstanding e-toll debt, the companies said.

You can view and pay your outstanding e-toll balance online, or request the information by SMS or by contacting the ETC call centre.

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This is what the average e-toll user owes Sanral