Beware registering for e-tolls

The South African National Roads Agency Limited recently launched the second phase of the new e-toll dispensation, giving motorists a 60% discount on their outstanding e-toll bill.

In addition to getting Gauteng freeway users to settle their outstanding e-toll debt, the company also encouraged e-road users to register for e-tolls.

Registered users benefit from “easy access to account information” and lower tariffs on e-tolled roads – even without an e-tag.

However, when you register you also agree to Sanral’s terms and conditions, which state:

When you register with us and you link a motor vehicle to your e-toll account, you agree to pay all e-toll transactions for that motor vehicle. This applies even if you are not the user when the e-toll transactions take place.

Sanral’s terms also give the company power to take legal action against registered users:

You agree to accept any notice and legal processes under this Agreement at the physical address you gave to us when you registered.

Furthermore, you remain obligated to pay e-tolls even after your agreement with Sanral is terminated:

Your duty to pay for e-toll transactions and fees, including overdue amounts, that were incurred before the Agreement ended, or where you are the user of a motor vehicle.

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Beware registering for e-tolls