You no longer have to accept Sanral’s crazy T&Cs to check your e-toll bill online

Motorists can now view and pay their outstanding e-toll bills without accepting Sanral’s terms and conditions.

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) recently launched a new website called as part of it and Sanral’s implementation of the second phase of the new e-toll dispensation.

Under the new dispensation, motorists will receive a 60% discount on all e-toll debt incurred between 3 December 2013 and 31 August 2015.

Among the features of the Less60 website was the ability to view and pay outstanding e-toll bills.

To do this you had to provide your ID number, vehicle licence number, and accept Sanral’s terms and conditions by clicking a checkbox.

Of concern to some e-road users was the clause in the terms which stated that by registering for e-tolls, you agree to pay e-tolls.

COO of the ETC Mark Ridgway said that acceptance of the T&C’s did not contract users in any way to Sanral as a registered user.

The T&C checkbox has since been removed from the Less60 sign-in page, though.

E-toll login
Old e-toll login page
E-toll login without T&C checkbox
New login page without T&C checkbox

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You no longer have to accept Sanral’s crazy T&Cs to check your e-toll bill online