Don’t fear e-toll SMS threats: Outa

Outa said that Sanral’s new tactic of “intimidation by sending SMS messages to motorists with outstanding e-toll bills” should not be feared.

Sanral has started sending SMS messages to motorists with outstanding e-toll bills, listing their outstanding balance, a discounted bill for settling the amount, and a warning about not paying their bill.

“Failure to settle outstanding e-tolls will result in a loss of this discount, vehicle listing, and collection action being commenced against you for the full amount due”, the SMS reads.

Outa said it asked Sanral what “vehicle listing” and “collection action” means, but received no clear answer.

“This is clearly an intimidation tactic,” said Outa.

It said its legal team is investigating the possibility that Sanral might be transgressing section 45 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, by sending unsolicited communications to persons without giving them the option to opt out or being able to confirm where it obtained their personal details.

Outa said there is no qualification within the messages that the mentioned debt belongs to a specific person or vehicle registration number.

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Don’t fear e-toll SMS threats: Outa