Water crisis in South Africa

An acute water crisis, similar to the electricity shortage which led to load shedding, is looming in South Africa.

A Rapport investigation into the water crisis in South Africa revealed that water-shedding is now a possibility for the country.

According to the report, there are numerous factors which led to the dire water situation:

  • South Africa’s dam building programme is a decade behind schedule.
  • Faulty pumps are resulting in the loss of great amounts of water.
  • Leaks and poor water infrastructure leads to a tremendous loss of water each year.
  • Poor or dysfunctional sewage plants result in large amounts of sewage flowing into rivers and dams.

According to the newspaper, there are now 1,100 fewer functional rain meters in the country than in 1970.

This clearly shows the government’s “don’t-care” attitude towards the water crisis, said the experts.

Water restrictions are likely to continue in many areas in the country, including Cape Town and Gauteng.

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Water crisis in South Africa