How much South African government ministers will get paid in 2017

The salaries of South African government officials for 2017 have been published in the Government Gazette, detailing how much ministers and other officials will earn during the year ahead.

The Determination of Salaries and Allowances proclamations were published on 24 January.

The finalisation of the salaries comes after President Jacob Zuma announced a freeze on state pay increases during 2016.

Zuma’s latest salary is not included in the documents, as this must still be finalised by Parliament.

The government remuneration packages consist of:

  • A basic salary component equal to 60% of the total package, which constitutes the pensionable salary.
  • An amount of R120,000 per annum, which is an amount to which the Income Tax Act applies. This amount is included in the basic salary.
  • An employer’s pension benefit contribution equal to 22.5% of pensionable salary.
  • A flexible portion for the remaining amount of the total remuneration.
  • The remaining 32% of the employer’s pension benefit contribution will not form part of the remuneration package. The state will contribute the cash on an annual basis.

The table below details the 2017 salaries of government ministers and other officials.

Government Remuneration Packages
Position Total Remuneration
Deputy President R2.716 million
Minister R2.309 million
Deputy Minister R1.901 million
Speaker: National Assembly R2.716 million
Chairperson: NCOP R2.716 million
Deputy Speaker: National Assembly R1.901 million
Deputy Chairperson: NCOP R1.901 million
Chief Whip: Major Party R1.494 million
Leader of Opposition R1.494 million
Leader of a Minority Party R1.222 million
Member: National Assembly R1.033 million
Premier R2.173 million

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How much South African government ministers will get paid in 2017