How I cancelled my TV licence

South Africans do not enjoy paying their TV licences.

This is especially true if they no longer own a TV. Unfortunately, cancelling a TV licence is about as easy as walking uphill with shoes made of butter.

If you no longer have a TV and want to cancel your TV licence you must first prove that this is really the case. An affidavit must be completed and sent to the SABC detailing how you no longer possess a TV.

This cancellation affidavit includes an option for those emigrating who do not plan to return to South Africa.

Cancelling a TV licence

This emigration cancellation option was successfully used by a MyBroadband reader who moved overseas and gave his TV to his parents.

The reader, who asked for anonymity, said the process of cancelling his TV licence was not quick and easy, however.

He first step was emailing the SABC – at [email protected] – to ask how to go about cancelling a TV licence. To his surprise, they replied.

“They sent a letter detailing the requirements for cancelling my TV licence as well as an affidavit to complete in Word format,” said the reader.

The reader said he did not know his TV licence number and submitted his ID number to the SABC instead – which was sufficient.

The affidavit

The SABC affidavit the reader received detailed his cancellation request and the circumstances under which an individual can cancel a TV licence.

It then asked for details including his name, the particulars of the TV’s donation, and the new owner’s information – which he supplied.

A screenshot of the form he received is posted below.

After emailing the form to the SABC, the reader said he was unsure as to when the broadcaster would respond and confirm that the TV licence had been cancelled.

However, he soon received an email from the SABC stating it was unable to process his cancellation request “owing to insufficient particulars having been supplied”.

“In order to enable us to finalise the matter, please provide us with a copy of your work permit or stamped passport showing the exit date from South Africa,” stated the mail.

“Strangely, it seems that not having a TV set is not enough to cancel a licence. I would need to prove all fields in ‘scenario two’ of the affidavit,” said the reader. This included the date he left the country and proof of his departure.

“I then sent through a scanned passport page showing that I left the country before the date claimed, and assumed this would be it,” he said.

Not over yet

That was not it, though, and the reader received another email from the SABC stating that the cancellation once again could not be processed due to insufficient information supplied.

“It seemed the inbox management at the SABC is not particularly good, so I sent all information in a single email again on the same day. The affidavit, a copy of the passport stamps showing I left the country, and also some information about my foreign visa,” he said.

Additionally, he ignored a separate email a few days later from “[email protected]” asking for his ID number to assist him with his TV licence.

No reminder

Following several weeks of waiting, there was no further feedback from the SABC.

This lack of feedback included the monthly TV licence payment reminder the reader usually received – and he took this as a good sign, having received constant payment reminders leading up to this point.

“I did a search for my [TV licence] account number on the TV licence payment website and I received a message stating that my account is not found. It seems I was finally successful,” he told MyBroadband.

“It was particularly frustrating to not receive any confirmation message informing me of the successful cancellation – however, I am just happy that this is done.”

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How I cancelled my TV licence